“37 speeches in 18 different countries on 5 continents in 90 days.” What’s Up Fredrik?

1. Hej Senor Fredrik. Where are you in the world at the moment?

In Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (2 days ago I was in Montreux, Switzerland and in 3 days I will be in Lagos, Nigeria.


2.You travel the world like nobody’s business. Tell our readers- what do you do in these travels?

I am a professional speaker so I give speeches. (Here for US accountants, in Montreux for fund managers from Europe and in Nigeria for clients of UBS, for example.)


3.Have you always wanted to be a global speaker? What other jobs you did before landing this “dream job”?

I never really wanted to be a speaker, but my dad was a musician and my mother was a teacher so I guess you can see me as a combination of the two, someone who teaches a message from a stage. I became a speaker by chance as I wrote my first book on the Internet in 1995 and became an “instant expert” since there where few others who had written about the internet in 1995. I have not had that many jobs. My first “real” job was as McDonald’s. After Uni I started an interent company that we sold to a listed company that I became CIO at and since 2000 I have been an author and speaker full time.


4. Complete this—-“ A perfect day for Fredrik is ……..”  relaxing, yet full of inspiration.


5. What do you think are “killers” of creativity & innovation?

Fear, habit, complacency, too many rules, lack of dreams and many other things.


6. You are working on an interesting book where you are involving beta-readers. Will you be giving the audience at 98 Ft.’s I.C.E Drive Seminar a peek into this?

I wasn’t thinking of doing that, but if they want I ……….


7. What would you like to say to the audience at the I.C.E Drive seminar who will be expecting you?

That I am looking forward to come and meet with them and I hope that I can inspire them in any way to create some great ideas.

Check out glimpses of Fredrik’s world tour here:



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