Don Bosco

Story uncle unleashes new ERIKA LIND thiller series

  1. Don, you are currently working on a thriller series. Please share with us a bit more about this….

This is an exciting thriller about a teenage girl named ERIKA LIND, who drops out of military school when she learns that someone murdered the supervisor of the orphanage where she used to live. She returns to Vrålland, where she grew up, because she has many questions about her past and her dead parents. She desperately wants to put an end to the confusion that plagues her, but more and more she realises that this can only happen if she tracks down the murderer and helps to solve the case.


Unlike my other books so far, this is my first series aimed at older readers, the same audience as books like The Hunger Games series.


2. You started Super Cool Books after conversations with your two boys and they are also quite involved in your works. Tell us a little bit of how things got started.

It began back in 2011 when my eight-year-old son became a big fan of the Beast Quest books from the UK. In trying to help him find other suitable fantasy titles to read, I grew to enjoy the genre. But one thing I noticed, I came across very few fantasy books for young readers that were based on Asian characters, or inspired by Asian legends.
And then I met the publisher at Select Books in Singapore, while working on another book project. We talked about developing an exciting fantasy series for kids. This would be set in Singapore and feature lots of references to the local culture and history.


So one day my two sons and I actually sat down to turn all the story ideas into an actual series concept. It took a few drafts to refine the manuscript. The result: Book One of the TIME TALISMAN series, titled The Secret of Monk’s Hill. And that was how Super Cool Books started! The TIME TALISMAN will be reissued soon as exclusive content on our Super Cool Books iPad app.


Don Bosco-Time Talisman 

3. Can you share with our readers and parents what are your stories about? What are also some titles that they can get started with?

Most of my stories are created around brave and curious young people who are forced to face fantastic challenges.The good characters are really fun to follow, and the bad characters are fascinating to observe.To satisfy even the most reluctant readers, the plots are fast-paced and packed with surprises, sometimes spiced up with a tasteful dose of magical action.


As a storyteller working in the world today, the deeper mission is to create reading experiences that encourage girls and boys to be independent, help them face their fears, handle disappointment, be led by their own curiosity, find their own path in life, and use their talents for the good of their community.
Parents can start by reading our SHERLOCK HONG series, which has three books so far: The Immortal Nightingale, The Peranakan Princess and The Scroll of Greatness. And after that, try the TIME TALISMAN series.


Don Bosco Sherlock Hong


4. When and what occasions did you realise that writing and publishing would become your trade?


Haha, that’s a tough question.I see myself more like a “story uncle” who entertains readers and has a distinctive style that grows on you and makes you want to come back and read more. And thanks to the internet, I can really do away with all the industry layers for now and focus on creating and distributing captivating storyworlds.



5. Who are some writers that make you think about writing and have inspired you in some way?

 Tough question! I read all sorts of stuff, from history books to comics to folk tales to movie scripts. When I was a kid I loved the Three Investigators series, and also the stories by Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers, The Man In The Iron Mask, etc). I do think their influences show in my stories. I’m also inspired by other creative formats like music and magic.

I totally admire David Blaine the illusionist, because he can create profound performances out of the most basic items.

And I also like listening to Metallica when I write, their beats and riffs influence the pacing and rhythm of my sentences.


6. Super Cool Books can be found on digital platforms such as the Super Cool Books App and some of the books has digital features on Layar App. What is the reality of digital publishing and popularity with readers today?

 There are many forms of digital publishing. It ranges from something as simple as creating a PDF of your work and sharing this online, to developing all sorts of elaborate interactive features that your readers can use to enjoy your story and also connect with other readers.

 Most of the ebook platforms (particularly Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks) are not available in Singapore yet. But in countries where they are already established, book lovers are adapting really well and devouring e-books at a furious pace.


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  1. Hi, Dewi…Tell us about your trade and what you do?

And All Things Delicious (AATD) is a takeaway bakery selling fresh baked goods made in house. I run the business and I am also the head baker.


  1. Is ‘And All Things Delicious (AATD)’ your first foray into business and entrepreneurship? If ‘yes’—— how and what made you get it started?

No. I was running another business with my husband, a photography business. Though my husband still runs it, I stopped being involved in the business when the kids arrived. AATD was borne out of my need to do something for myself and to get out of the comfort zone (again) after many years of being a stay at home mum.


  1. Can you recall the initial stages when you first started out. How was it like? (eg; did you have to make major changes, worry, etc…)


It was definitely unnerving. Stomach-churning. In fact, in some moments now, it still is. But as an entrepreneur, you have to learn that your mind is your friend. Even when the going gets tough, you need a strong mindset to get out of bed and leave yesterday behind and work towards your goals.



  1. What sort of unique pastries can people expect from ‘ And All Things Delicious’?

 We serve comforting and wholesome baked goods. At the end of the day, people crave for comfort food and that’s what i offer.

 We don’t really follow trends and our menu is quite limited but we make sure each and every item shine, from out Sticky Toffee Pudding, our Carrot Cake and Mel’s Houseblend Granola. And not forgetting our tender Scones. We make sure our raw materials are of the highest quality and we choose to use organic sugar for all our bakes.

I”ve used organic sugar at home for many years and it is just a natural decision to use it in my bakery too. No colourings or anything artificial go into our products, instead we choose to use ingredients such as unwaxed fruits and premium chocolate to give our products the most fantastic flavours.





  1. Would you consider yourself creative and innovative in what you do? How so….

 I believe all entrepreneurs have to be creative and innovative. Whether it’s in marketing, or working with the space you have or attracting new customers.


  1. If you are not busy running your bakery, what is the next thing that keeps you busy?

 Running a household! I am a wife and mother to two little boys aged six and three. There’s never a dull moment!


  1. What can people expect when people head down to ‘And All Things Delicious’?

 Warm service, fantastic baked goods. And a wonderful aroma from our kitchen!




 Check out Dewi and her fabulous set-up ‘And All Things Delicious‘:


















“37 speeches in 18 different countries on 5 continents in 90 days.” What’s Up Fredrik?

1. Hej Senor Fredrik. Where are you in the world at the moment?

In Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (2 days ago I was in Montreux, Switzerland and in 3 days I will be in Lagos, Nigeria.


2.You travel the world like nobody’s business. Tell our readers- what do you do in these travels?

I am a professional speaker so I give speeches. (Here for US accountants, in Montreux for fund managers from Europe and in Nigeria for clients of UBS, for example.)


3.Have you always wanted to be a global speaker? What other jobs you did before landing this “dream job”?

I never really wanted to be a speaker, but my dad was a musician and my mother was a teacher so I guess you can see me as a combination of the two, someone who teaches a message from a stage. I became a speaker by chance as I wrote my first book on the Internet in 1995 and became an “instant expert” since there where few others who had written about the internet in 1995. I have not had that many jobs. My first “real” job was as McDonald’s. After Uni I started an interent company that we sold to a listed company that I became CIO at and since 2000 I have been an author and speaker full time.


4. Complete this—-“ A perfect day for Fredrik is ……..”  relaxing, yet full of inspiration.


5. What do you think are “killers” of creativity & innovation?

Fear, habit, complacency, too many rules, lack of dreams and many other things.


6. You are working on an interesting book where you are involving beta-readers. Will you be giving the audience at 98 Ft.’s I.C.E Drive Seminar a peek into this?

I wasn’t thinking of doing that, but if they want I ……….


7. What would you like to say to the audience at the I.C.E Drive seminar who will be expecting you?

That I am looking forward to come and meet with them and I hope that I can inspire them in any way to create some great ideas.

Check out glimpses of Fredrik’s world tour here:



Imran MD Ali-Pic

IMRAN MD ALI: Power of giving unconditionally


1. So you were really excited about Rock Your Business (RYB) Malaysia. How did it go?

It went awesomely well! There was so much synergy between the Sage Panel and the participants.

What I loved about it was that the Sage Panel was made up of different domain experts, and in unison, we were able to give a varied insight to the participants.


2. Share with us some newfound wisdom & experience from RYB.

We are the center of our own universe. Often times, we always look at the world through our own lenses but fail to consider others. This was mind blowing for me.

I learnt from Dave Rogers the power of Love. Being a marketing coach, I had neglected the need to love and be loved. I also learnt that people are often interested in us and our stories, so we need to be able to tell better stories.


3. You roll from one great moment to the next: either in business or life – tell us one really defining moment in your life that you are proud of and in some way defines who you are and what you believe in.

One defining moment in my life was when I was able to sell my first piece of artwork. After that sale, I told myself “One person has validated my idea. Now, I just need to find more similar people!”


4. If there is one philosophy that had worked really well for you and you’d like to share. What would that be?

I believe in the power of giving unconditionally. My progress has been this fast because of my willingness to just give abundantly in terms of knowledge and sharing. People notice you when you start giving unconditionally, opening doors to you.


5. Imran- name us 2-3 people who have been integral in moving you forward in your life so far. Tell us how each of them have impacted you significantly…

David Lee, who is on the Singapore Poly business advisory board has been very helpful to mentor me and open doors for me.

Dave Rogers too, has been very generous in the same manner. Without these people, life would have been a whole lot tougher.


6. This has two parts. You have a weakness for : (a) what sort of food? (b) everything else?

a) Karipap kentang ( curry puffs) soaked in sambal, and b) new, exciting information via books, seminars and conversations.


7. Complete this— “ when faced in a losing situation—I ……..”

Take a step back, ask myself if it’s worth continuing the fight and re-strategise. Lose the battle, not the war.


8. You’ll be speaking at I.C.E (Innovation-Creativity & Empowerment) Drive – a seminar curated by 98 Ft. What can your audience expect?

I’ll be sharing easy to digest frameworks that can help them become more self reliant by being innovative in their start-up businesses.