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IMRAN MD ALI: Power of giving unconditionally


1. So you were really excited about Rock Your Business (RYB) Malaysia. How did it go?

It went awesomely well! There was so much synergy between the Sage Panel and the participants.

What I loved about it was that the Sage Panel was made up of different domain experts, and in unison, we were able to give a varied insight to the participants.


2. Share with us some newfound wisdom & experience from RYB.

We are the center of our own universe. Often times, we always look at the world through our own lenses but fail to consider others. This was mind blowing for me.

I learnt from Dave Rogers the power of Love. Being a marketing coach, I had neglected the need to love and be loved. I also learnt that people are often interested in us and our stories, so we need to be able to tell better stories.


3. You roll from one great moment to the next: either in business or life – tell us one really defining moment in your life that you are proud of and in some way defines who you are and what you believe in.

One defining moment in my life was when I was able to sell my first piece of artwork. After that sale, I told myself “One person has validated my idea. Now, I just need to find more similar people!”


4. If there is one philosophy that had worked really well for you and you’d like to share. What would that be?

I believe in the power of giving unconditionally. My progress has been this fast because of my willingness to just give abundantly in terms of knowledge and sharing. People notice you when you start giving unconditionally, opening doors to you.


5. Imran- name us 2-3 people who have been integral in moving you forward in your life so far. Tell us how each of them have impacted you significantly…

David Lee, who is on the Singapore Poly business advisory board has been very helpful to mentor me and open doors for me.

Dave Rogers too, has been very generous in the same manner. Without these people, life would have been a whole lot tougher.


6. This has two parts. You have a weakness for : (a) what sort of food? (b) everything else?

a) Karipap kentang ( curry puffs) soaked in sambal, and b) new, exciting information via books, seminars and conversations.


7. Complete this— “ when faced in a losing situation—I ……..”

Take a step back, ask myself if it’s worth continuing the fight and re-strategise. Lose the battle, not the war.


8. You’ll be speaking at I.C.E (Innovation-Creativity & Empowerment) Drive – a seminar curated by 98 Ft. What can your audience expect?

I’ll be sharing easy to digest frameworks that can help them become more self reliant by being innovative in their start-up businesses.



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