2-Day November INNOVATION Bootcamp

  • Acquire 21st century for you & your child in highly imaginative & innovative experience
  • Experiential field trip to YAKULT Factory
  • For both parent & children (age 7-12)
  • Incorporate legal framework for creative professionals and tech developers in professional engagements. Expert sharing by Daniel Chan, I.P law & technology partner, RHT Law Taylor Wessing LLP.
  • Inspiring featured speakers & presenters to trigger innovation, creativity & start-up enterprise
  • Motivation & trigger with HITESH RAMCHANDANI – motivational speaker & author of ‘Better Than Normal
  • Click to register & find out more

Come join us for EVENESIS HOBNOB on 9th September!

Evenesis Hobnob is your excellent platform for business networking and the space to experience the latest cutting edge technology to sprint your businesses forward!

For this session-

  • Meet-up & networking to showcase cutting edge and emerging technology solutions
  • Featured ‘ tech solution for the day’ – Evenesis: a cloud-based event management system that automates your epic event management processes from pre, actual to post
  • Not to be missed sharing on immersion program to Silicon Valley & Stanford University in Aug 2015 by Y Us Pte. Ltd.
  • Find out on available technology grants for SMEs, start-ups & social enterprises