KIDNOVATE: MILO Discovery Tour

The wet weather on Dec 4 did not stop our gung-ho KIDNOVATE participants from making their way to be part of an experiential field trip to the Nestle Factory for the Milo Discovery Tour.


The Milo Discovery Tour is organised for kids aged 9-12 year old to see and experience first hand how the popular beverage is prepared, packaged and how it eventually reaches its customers.


Our group of eager participants consisting of kids and accompanying parents arrived in our chartered coach at the Nestle Factory at International Road. The group were first introduced to Milo’s heritage and milestone in Singapore. One of its significant milestone  in Singapore include the setting of the eminent Milo school to groom budding Singapore athletes. Milo’s strong believe in sports as a “tool to teach life-long values” was also communicated at the start of the tour. Positive values such as how sports instills “ team work”, “respect”, “confidence” and “honesty and fair play” were some of the emboldened values that were splashed in larger than life depiction in the milestone hall.

 Milo Milestone Stn

These values and concepts were brought closer to the kids through the customised Milo tablets  distributed; adding a hi-tech experience for the kids. Interactive Milo apps such as “ word quizzes” based on the milestone and values that were shared in the milestone hall kept the kids enthusiasm.


The tour continued as we were led down the hallways of the Nestle factory and brought to the ‘Energy Discovery Station. Our tour facilitator highlighted the benefits of fitness and exercise found on the wall display and concurrently engaged them with activities based on the educational display through the Milo interactive tablets. From the ‘Energy Discovery Station’, the kids were then led to the next educational display where they told about what makes a healthy diet and the importance of breakfast. 


As we braved the slight drizzle to reach another building in the factory, a futuristic and mysterious experience came over as were led into a white room with automatic doors. As the kids settled down, the lights were turned off and the kids were transfixed with an engaging multimedia presentation on how Milo is actually processed in the various stages of ‘wet mix’, ‘baking’ and the adding of the nutritious ‘ protomalt ’ as part of the Milo mixture. Once the visceral screening ended the lights came out and our facilitator drew attention to the real samples and ingredients such as cocoa, barley and malt displayed in the almost clinical white room.

Milo Screening 

The most exciting revelation and the moment everyone was waiting for was when the automated blinds in the room were drawn revealing the inner space of the Milo production line. Completely transfixed behind the glass panel, the kids witnessed for themselves various assembly lines in thick of action with Milo workers in their jumpsuits.


 At the ‘Production Discovery’ station, they saw an assembly of tin cans moving along the “tin machine” conveyors as well as bulky roles of green Milo tin packaging spinning in the “pouch machine” area waiting to wrap the big and shiny Milo tin can.


One of the lady staff working in the production line was sportily brought up-close sample of Milo in tin cans and sachets to demonstrate the end products manufactured in the ‘Production Discovery’ station. The whole process must be an eye-opening experience for the kids that they remained ‘Milo-struck’ and stood watching the movement of tin cans and rolling of plastics in the Milo production line.


We had to slowly usher the ‘Milo-struck’ kids to move on as were brought back to the milestone hall. It was yet another moment they were waiting for as they were finally entreated to taste and drink the Milo that they had seen. Each of the kids were given a Milo drink as part of the factory visit. Once they had drank their delicious Milo beverage the kids took turn to have their “indoor soccer” practice in the interactive soccer simulation game. It was indeed a quick and enriching holiday enrichment for our gung ho learners as the visit came to an end.


The Milo Discovery is the done for the first time in Southeast Asia. It is done in conjunction with 98 Ft.’s KIDNOVATE enrichment programed to promote the integration of language, science, arts, innovation & entrepreneurship for kids 9-12 year old




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