1. Hi, Dewi…Tell us about your trade and what you do?

And All Things Delicious (AATD) is a takeaway bakery selling fresh baked goods made in house. I run the business and I am also the head baker.


  1. Is ‘And All Things Delicious (AATD)’ your first foray into business and entrepreneurship? If ‘yes’—— how and what made you get it started?

No. I was running another business with my husband, a photography business. Though my husband still runs it, I stopped being involved in the business when the kids arrived. AATD was borne out of my need to do something for myself and to get out of the comfort zone (again) after many years of being a stay at home mum.


  1. Can you recall the initial stages when you first started out. How was it like? (eg; did you have to make major changes, worry, etc…)


It was definitely unnerving. Stomach-churning. In fact, in some moments now, it still is. But as an entrepreneur, you have to learn that your mind is your friend. Even when the going gets tough, you need a strong mindset to get out of bed and leave yesterday behind and work towards your goals.



  1. What sort of unique pastries can people expect from ‘ And All Things Delicious’?

 We serve comforting and wholesome baked goods. At the end of the day, people crave for comfort food and that’s what i offer.

 We don’t really follow trends and our menu is quite limited but we make sure each and every item shine, from out Sticky Toffee Pudding, our Carrot Cake and Mel’s Houseblend Granola. And not forgetting our tender Scones. We make sure our raw materials are of the highest quality and we choose to use organic sugar for all our bakes.

I”ve used organic sugar at home for many years and it is just a natural decision to use it in my bakery too. No colourings or anything artificial go into our products, instead we choose to use ingredients such as unwaxed fruits and premium chocolate to give our products the most fantastic flavours.





  1. Would you consider yourself creative and innovative in what you do? How so….

 I believe all entrepreneurs have to be creative and innovative. Whether it’s in marketing, or working with the space you have or attracting new customers.


  1. If you are not busy running your bakery, what is the next thing that keeps you busy?

 Running a household! I am a wife and mother to two little boys aged six and three. There’s never a dull moment!


  1. What can people expect when people head down to ‘And All Things Delicious’?

 Warm service, fantastic baked goods. And a wonderful aroma from our kitchen!




 Check out Dewi and her fabulous set-up ‘And All Things Delicious‘: http://andallthingsdelicious.com/

















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